Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

Fondation Quik Goals pour la protection des femmes et de l'enfance

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

No one can Stand for You , If You Can’t Stand for Your Self.

‘Quik Goals partners and Achievements’

Raise Your Helping Hands

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation is a non-profit organization. Quik Goals looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future for our generations.
Women empowerment and child protection from domestic violence and sexually abused. Our focus is not only limits to one region, or one province of Canada but we also worked internationally like Pakistan with W.H.O by organizing female medical free camps in northern areas of pakistan. In Islamabad our foundation working with Dar-Ul-Anaam to provide free education system for children.
Quik goals have Honoured to work with Saudi Arabia Royal embassy school in Islamabad pakistan. Our President and Director Ms. Farah Gulzar helped them to introduced first time Cambridge curriculum in three major subjects Science, Mathematics and an English without having translations in Arabuc language.
Almaguin Youth Commitee is the brightest way of expropriation of there in hence physical abilities , to develop their interest especially in supports according to the GBA+ only 49% children are involved in physical supports.
Quik Goals also offer every year announced ‘Student Scholarships’ for deserving students and helping there families to achieve there educational goals.

Please do visit our Facebook groups:

Quik Goals welfare Donation store is Facebook group where you can find all the free stuff and services that we are offering currently free for all the communities!


Quik Goals President and Director page, where you can follow our upcoming and new projects.


CTV NEWS exclusive Interview with the President and Director of Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation!

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar is giving,A Tribute To our Real Life ‘Almaguin Firefighters’:

Almaguin Newspaper, Sarah Cookie Published on 25th September 2020.

Quik Goals, A Tribute to Real Life Heroes Firefighters, we very honoured and thankful to her for enhancing our contribution towards our community!

A Real life Heroes Tribute, Quik Goals give Tribute to Firefighters in Bracebridge on 25th,Nov,2020;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director started the ceremony by giving the Guest’s of Honour to our honourable Guest.

Quik Goals President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar’s Educational Achievements in 2020, Canada.

Quik Goals Présidente et directrice de Mme Farah Gulzar's Educational Achievements in 2020, Canada

Recent Projects and New;

July.27th, 2021;

QuikGoals POST PROMISE to prevent against Covid-19.


QuikGoals would like to wish all the muslims Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak. Especially, Muslims Communities.


QuikGoals Justice and Peace Free Legal Aid Advisory Program;

QuikGoals have introduced new program with the name of Justice and Peace Free Legal Aid Advisory Program, in this program you can take advise regarding your
1- Basic Rights in Canada

2- Information about Federal’s offence

3- criminal offence

4- Disabled people legal Rights


Canada Summer Jobs 2021.

Please join Quik Goals especially, job opening for Muskoka, Parrysound and Almaguin regions only.

No experience required;

1- Chartered Accountant. (2 vacancies)
2-Supervisor, Social survey researcher.

1- Canadian citizen
2- PR
3- Refugees in Canada

4- International Students are not eligible.

Working hours:
1- part time
2- 15 hours per week

15$-/ per Hour.

Please feel free to send your resume at


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’ is standing Fight Against Cancer ♋️. Join Quik Goals walk or Run againt Cancer on 5th of June.2021.

La Fondation Quik Goals pour la protection des femmes et de l’enfant est debout Lutte contre le cancer ♋️. Rejoignez la marche Quik Goals ou la course contre le cancer le 5 juin 2021.


Bonjour, je suis le président et directeur de la fondation pour la protection des femmes et des enfants quik buts.
gratuitement Covid-19 Vaccination Ride appelez-nous et prenez rendez-vous!


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, Now offering Free Ride for Covid-19 Vaccine. Please feel free to contact us and book your appointment with Us. Muskoka , Parrysound and Almaguin regions.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation haven’t forgot those people who worked really hard to make sure we drive safe, keep our vehicles up to date and safer so we would drive safe.

Quik Goals Salute’s those workers thats why on Eid’s Day Quik Goals have spent her day with them and they all have ICE Cream Treats from Quik Goals in such Warmday. To bring smile on thete faces. Also thanks them for there outstanding services toward the society.


Quik GoalsTeam and President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar would like to wish all Muslims communities Eid Mubarak.


Quik Goals Team and President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar would like to wish All the Muslim Committee in entire world , especially in Canada Chaand Raat Mubarak.💐💐💐🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation Team would like to All the mother Happy Mother’s Day.


Quik Goals pour les femmes et la protection de l'enfance, travaille pour les sans-abri, les personnes âgées et toute personne ayant besoin d'aide pour faire des courses gratuites.
Siège social à Montréal:
(514) 604-5672


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, would like to share out experiences with everyone, we must say that it our foundation greatest achievement that just in short period of time the Quebec, Montreal people have accepted US.
Quik Goals receiving now individuals calls also families who are living in Montreal for Free Groceries. Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation would like to thank all the people of Quebec and Montreal for accepting us and having faith on us. Soon the Quebec contact number would be available on all of our websites and on Facebook pages as well. Which help all other who can’t dial outside Quebec with there phone carriers.Once again thank Quebec,Montreal people.
Please contact us, we here to help. Our goal is no one should sleep without food.

French Translation;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, aimerait partager ses expériences avec tout le monde, nous devons dire que c'est notre plus grande réussite de fondation que juste en peu de temps les Quik Goals ont été acceptés par les Quik Goals.

Quik Goals recevant maintenant des particuliers appelle aussi les familles qui vivent à Montréal pour l'épicerie gratuite. La Fondation Quik Goals pour la protection des femmes et de l'enfance tient à remercier tous les Québécois et Montréalais de nous avoir acceptés et de nous avoir fait confiance. Bientôt, le numéro de téléphone du Québec sera disponible sur tous nos sites Web ainsi que sur les pages Facebook. Ce qui aide tous les autres qui ne peuvent pas appeler à l’extérieur du Québec avec leurs opérateurs de téléphonie.

Merci encore une fois aux Québécois et aux Montréalais.
Veuillez nous contacter, nous sommes là pour vous aider. Notre objectif est que personne ne dorme sans nourriture!


Quik Goals a l'honneur de servir avec l'aide de (Mission Old Brewery) à Montréal Epiceries gratuites aujourd'hui pour les sans-abri.
La présidente et directrice de Quik Goals, Mme Farah Gulzar, fait l'honneur qu'elle est très heureuse de l'équipe administrative de cette organisation caritative, selon elle, ce sont tous des gens très gentils et serviables, elle a également mentionné d'aller les aider de temps en temps.
Quik Goals tient à remercier l'équipe d'Old Brewery pour l'accueil chaleureux de notre président.

Quik Goals have honour to serve with the help of (Mission Old Brewery) in Montreal Free Groceries today for Homeless people.
Quik Goals president and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar do the honour she is very much happy with the administration team of this charity, according to her they all are very nice and helpful people, she also mentioned to go and help those time by time.
Quik Goals would like to thank Old Brewery team for the warm welcoming to our president.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, is now operating there services in Quebec, Montreal. Please conatct us if you need any immediate help for food, clothing.


Quik Goals President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar have distributed 15 Free Halal Groceries Bags to the Nigerian Muslims Families on 16th of April,2021, in month of Ramazan Kareem North York. It was pleasure meeting the president of there community Mr.Abdul Aslam.

Quik Goals donate 15 bag which includes
1- cooking oil
2- Rice
3- macronis
4- Dates
5- cake mixture.

If you think you and your community need during month of Ramazan Quik Goals is here to help you and your family please.

Ontario Muskoka parrysound Regional office: 705-571-6256


All the Muslims communities in Canada Ramazan-ul-Kareem. This Ramazan QuikGoals bringing Free Halal Groceries for at least for 100 families in Northyork,Montreal, Ottawa.

April, 9th.2021;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation Team would like to wish all the Canadian Happy Easter 🐣. Please stay safe stay home.