Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

No one can Stand for You , If You Can’t Stand for Your Self.

Raise Your Helping Hand

We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future to our generation. Women empowerment and child protection from domestic violence and sexually abused. Our focus is not only limits to one region, one province of Canada but we also worked internationally like Pakistan with WHO and Dar-Ul-Anaam. Quik goals worker with Saudi Arabia Royal embassy school in

Islamabad pakistan, Quik Goals have Honoured, that we introduced Cambridge curriculum in three major subject Science, Mathematic and English.

you can e-transfer your donations :


CTV NEWS exclusive Interview with the President and Director of Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation!

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar is giving,A Tribute To our Real Life ‘Almaguin Firefighters’:

Almaguin Newspaper, Sarah Cookie Published on 25th September 2020.

Quik Goals, A Tribute to Real Life Heroes Firefighters, we very honoured and thankful to her for enhancing our contribution towards our community!

Recent Projects and New:

Oct,21st 2020;

Quik Goals Ms.Farah Gulzar personally went with the donations to drop to the Army Salvation Thrive Store in Huntsville, at 3:pm.

Quik Goals teams really grateful the women who are working for the store. I would like to thanks them to help the our President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar greet her really nicely.

Oct,20th 2020,

Quik Goals have setup Winter Free Winter Clothing Gala 2020. We are thankful for the community support, that they have come and get what they need. We hope that we will able to help them during this hard time.Quik Goals always stands with the community and humanity nothing could stop us to serve our nation, as being proud Canadian this our responsibility and our leaders are very determin to work for the betterment of human being.

Oct,19th 2020,

Quik Goals Winter Gala Free winter Clothing have been setup.

Oct,19th 2020;

Quik Goals Christmas Festival Free Christmas Gifts 2020, Yes! During these pandemic we now many families suffering from lack of money and many people have been laid out from job. They are very disappointed, Quik Goals would never disappoint we here to help you especially your children to make there Christmas 🎄. To make this festival happen we need your help in form of donations, you can donate by e-transfer: info@quikgoalswelfare.com

🎄Quik Goals Christmas Free Festival🎄

Oct,16th 2020;

Quik Goals Winter Gala Free Winter Clothing next setup will be on 19th Monday-20th Tuesday Oct,2020,11-am to 6:pm. Please do come your presence will be appreciated, Thank you.


Quik Goals Winter Gala free winter clothing 2020.Due to weather reason we are sorry to announce that we are not setup for Winter Gala.


Quik Goals Winter Gala 2020, today we have not only displayed winter women, men and children., but also some kitchen supplies as well.

Oct,13th 2020;

QuikGoals Winter Gala 2020, Free winter clothing for women, men and Children.

Quik Goals Winter Gala 2020, would giving Free clothing whole month of October, 2020.

Oct,9th 2020;

Quik Goals would never leave you behind in your family celebration, we want to make sure that every family, individual and our seniors celebrate ‘Thanksgiving Day’, to keep this in mind. Quik Goals have announced ‘Thanksgiving Day Free Treats’ yes! Now you have a free Groceries inform of gift from Quikgoals entire team.
Free groceries Table will have Milk, eggs, macroni, rice, sugar, coffee not only that but also beautiful Free dinner dishes, bowls, etc

🥮Quik Goals Thanksgiving Free Treats🧁

Oct,5th 2020;

As Quik Goals women and Child Protection Foundation, was committed to have a walk to stand with our sisters, mothers and daughters who are fighting against Breast Cancer right now! Quik Goals organized This event Just to tell them that they are not alone in there sufferings and pain we are all with them. Quik Goals proud our female community in BurksFalls the way they have been gathered , even after there all busy schedule. We really thankful to them from bottom of our hearts. We would also like to thanks our Almaguin Youth Committee members who could make it today after attending there schools and play there important role as well.

♋️ Walk Against Breast Cancer♋️


Quik Goals , have made the announcement for Walk/Run, Fighting Against Breast ♋️, On 5th October,2020 BurksFalls, at 3:pm.

Notice: wearing Mask and distancing will mandatory, for every individual.