Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

Fondation Quik Goals pour la protection des femmes et de l'enfance

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

No one can Stand for You , If You Can’t Stand for Your Self.

‘Quik Goals partners and Achievements’

Raise Your Helping Hands

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation is a non-profit organization. Quik Goals looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future for our generations.
Women empowerment and child protection from domestic violence and sexually abused. Our focus is not only limits to one region, or one province of Canada but we also worked internationally like Pakistan with W.H.O by organizing female medical free camps in northern areas of pakistan. In Islamabad our foundation working with Dar-Ul-Anaam to provide free education system for children.
Quik goals have Honoured to work with Saudi Arabia Royal embassy school in Islamabad pakistan. Our President and Director Ms. Farah Gulzar helped them to introduced first time Cambridge curriculum in three major subjects Science, Mathematics and an English without having translations in Arabuc language.
Almaguin Youth Commitee is the brightest way of expropriation of there in hence physical abilities , to develop their interest especially in supports according to the GBA+ only 49% children are involved in physical supports.
Quik Goals also offer every year announced ‘Student Scholarships’ for deserving students and helping there families to achieve there educational goals.

Please do visit our Facebook groups:

Quik Goals welfare Donation store is Facebook group where you can find all the free stuff and services that we are offering currently free for all the communities!


Quik Goals President and Director page, where you can follow our upcoming and new projects.


CTV NEWS exclusive Interview with the President and Director of Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation!

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar is giving,A Tribute To our Real Life ‘Almaguin Firefighters’:

Almaguin Newspaper, Sarah Cookie Published on 25th September 2020.

Quik Goals, A Tribute to Real Life Heroes Firefighters, we very honoured and thankful to her for enhancing our contribution towards our community!

A Real life Heroes Tribute, Quik Goals give Tribute to Firefighters in Bracebridge on 25th,Nov,2020;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director started the ceremony by giving the Guest’s of Honour to our honourable Guest.

Quik Goals President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar’s Educational Achievements in 2020, Canada.

Quik Goals Présidente et directrice de Mme Farah Gulzar's Educational Achievements in 2020, Canada

Recent Projects and New;

25th November,2021;

QuikGoals would like to wish Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti all the Sikh communities all over the world. 💐💐

23rd November,2021;

Quik Goals have started distributing Christmas Free Gifts Hampers 2021, today we have donated Free groceries in Ottawa, to Richmond Plaza which is a shelter home. Quik Goals would like to thank them they have accepted our Christmas Free Groceries for those families who are living there.

17th, November,2021;

QuikGoals is giving away free fresh fruits and Vegetables. please contact for pickup.


11th November,2021;

QuikGoals Lest We forget. 🌺🌺🌺

4th November,2021;

Quik Goals would like to wish all the Hindu a communities all over the world Happy Diwali.

31st October,2021;

QuikGoal’s team would like to wish all the canadians Happy Halloween.QuikGoals distributed free groceries in our formers families in Emsdale.

Happy Halloween 2021


Free Bridal Gown have been gifted from Quik Goals women and child Protection Foundation. God bless her! 💐💐💐

4th,October 2021;

Quik Goal ‘s still distributing Free Groceries, and helping our communities who are facing food scarcity! We have fresh eggs, can food , breakfast cereals , peanut butter, Biscuits, cookies and milk as well.For details please contact:

Quik Goal’s Admin

1st, October 2021;

QuikGoal’s always try to help our communities in different ways.In month of October 2021, QuikGoals ‘Wedding Celebration’

💐Free Bridal Gowns,💐 starting from 1st October,2021. Unique project only for Almaguin, Huntsville, Parrysound and Muskoka region.
Quik goals would like to celebrate you important day and want to make your day special giving you Free Bridal Gowns! All sizes are available.
For details contact at info@quikgoalswelfare.com

24th September,2021;

Let’s support our local small Business in Almaguin.

Muskoka and parry sound advisory Council, have been taken placed on 24th , September 2021.QuikGoals president and Director Ms. Farah have joined and would like especially thank President MS.Steel for inviting me! Indeed it was honourable for her.QuikGoals step forward after having conversations,
QuikGoals small local businesses advertisements funds only for almaguin community.

QuikGoal’s would like to offer any three local Almaguin , BurksFalls, south river, sundridge. Worth of 300-/$. For each business you would be eligible to apply every individual who can able to total amount of 10% from their pocket, the 90% of 300-/$ QuikGoals will pay. Advertisements will be advertise only on almaguin newspapers!

Please feel free to contact:

17th September,2021:

QuikGoals have started distributing Halal Food boxes on each Friday in the Month. Today we are going to distribute free lunch boxes, boiled rice with lamb chops, on construction 🚧 site labours!

Please feel free to contact if you need free cooked food!
Thank you

7th September,2021;

Education is always our first prority . In 2020 we have provided student’s scholarships to The HUB in Huntsville Ontario. This year as well, Quikgoals offering 3 scholarships worth of 500-/$ each scholarship to those students who are facing financial issues due to the lockdown in ontario.Student can apply individually, by using our scholarship’s form available on our website.Last date for apply October 7th 2021.

6th September,2021;

QuikGoals always apreciate our hardworking and dedicating people in Canada. We would like to wish them Happy Labour Day to all. QuikGoals president and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar celebrated this day with workshop’s labourers in such hot weather. They have celebrated this day having free icecream treat from our foundation.

1st September,2021;

QuikGoal’s giving away free stationaries. In our‘Back To School project 2021.’QuikGoals would like to welcome all out children back to school.

Due to covid-19 as parent have faced financail crisis’s that why QuikGoals have decided to help those families and children who can not afford stationaries. Please contact us. QuikGoals always here to help our communities with open arms.