Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

Fondation Quik Goals pour la protection des femmes et de l'enfance

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

No one can Stand for You , If You Can’t Stand for Your Self.

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Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation is a non-profit organization. Quik Goals looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future for our generations. Women empowerment and child protection from domestic violence and sexually abused. Our focus is not only limits to one region,or one province of Canada but we also worked internationally like Pakistan with W.H.O by organizing female medical free camps in northern areas of pakistan. In Islamabad our foundation working with Dar-Ul-Anaam to provide free education system for children. Quik goals have Honoured to work with Saudi Arabia Royal embassy school in Islamabad pakistan. Our President and Director Ms. Farah Gulzar helped them to introduced first time Cambridge curriculum in three major subjects Science, Mathematics and an English without having translations in Arabuc language. Almaguin Youth Commitee is the brightest way of expropriation of there in hence physical abilities , to develop their interest especially in supports according to the GBA+ only 49% children are involved in physical supports. Quik Goals also offer every year announced ‘Student Scholarships’ for deserving students and helping there families to achieve there educational goals.

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Quik Goals welfare Donation store is Facebook group where you can find all the free stuff and services that we are offering currently free for all the communities!


Quik Goals President and Director page, where you can follow our upcoming and new projects.

QuikGoal’s President and Director Nominated for Community Award from Ottawa-Carleton District School Board;

World Book of Records London;

Appreciation letter for Ms.Farah gulzar for her out standing and out courageous services for humanity.


CTV NEWS exclusive Interview with the President and Director of Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation!

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar is giving,A Tribute To our Real Life ‘Almaguin Firefighters’:

Almaguin Newspaper, Sarah Cookie Published on 25th September 2020.

Quik Goals, A Tribute to Real Life Heroes Firefighters, we very honoured and thankful to her for enhancing our contribution towards our community!

A Real life Heroes Tribute, Quik Goals give Tribute to Firefighters in Bracebridge on 25th,Nov,2020;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director started the ceremony by giving the Guest’s of Honour to our honourable Guest.

Quik Goals President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar’s Achievements in 2021, Canada.

Quik Goals Présidente et directrice de Mme Farah Gulzar's Achievements in 2021 Canada.

Recent Projects and News;


QuikGoal’s appreciate and always stand for our Indigenous communities and there rights. To keeping this mind QuikGoal’s have joined ‘Ottawa Obriginal Coalition’ Mission. To celebrate there achievements in Canada.

28th, May,2023:

QuikGoal’s have joined hands to protect mother earth to save the plants. On 28th May,2023, QuikGoal’s have participated in FORÊT CAPITALE FOREST.

6th May,2023;

QuikGoal’s President and Director Nominated for Community Award from Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

8th April,2023;

Quik Goals have lunched our new Summer Collection’s 2023. Your contributions were great support to run our not for profit foundation in form of helping our communities in Canada. Please do contact for order all sizes are available.

Men’s shirts:

looking forward for your support this year as well.
Women’s Shirts:

Bags and Caps;

QuikGoal’s summer collection 2023

please feel free to contact us directly for order and delivery at: 705-571-6256 looking forward for your support.

30th March . 2023;

Quik Goals wishes all Muslims Radama Kareem. In month of this Holy Ramazan QuikGoal’s donating free Halal groceries to Muslim’s families. Feel free contact please text at :705-571-6256 Groceries are available for pickup.

23rd March,2023;

QuikGoal’s wishes all the Muslims all over the world Ramazan Kareem.

8th March,2023;

Quik Goals wishes Women day 2023. QuikGoal’s always stand for the betterment for the women in communities. Quik Goals have celebrated women day with community women!

20th January , 2023;

Canadian are celebrating Family day. QuikGoal’s donating free groceries to make there moments especial.

Please contact us if you are in need of free groceries.

25th December, 2022;

QuikGoal’s wishes all the Canadian Merry Christmas. We wishes you all have joyful and wonderful day.