Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation

No one can Stand for You , If You Can’t Stand for Your Self.

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We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future to our generation. Women empowerment and child protection from domestic violence and sexually abused. Our focus is not only limits to one region, one province of Canada but we also worked internationally like Pakistan with WHO and Dar-Ul-Anaam. Quik goals worker with Saudi Arabia Royal embassy school in Islamabad pakistan, Quik Goals have Honoured, that we introduced Cambridge curriculum in three major subject Science, Mathematic and English.

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CTV NEWS exclusive Interview with the President and Director of Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation!

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar is giving,A Tribute To our Real Life ‘Almaguin Firefighters’:

Almaguin Newspaper, Sarah Cookie Published on 25th September 2020.

Quik Goals, A Tribute to Real Life Heroes Firefighters, we very honoured and thankful to her for enhancing our contribution towards our community!

Recent Projects and New:


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, 25th of November.2020 at 4:pm, in Bracebridge office we conducted A Real Life Heros project and give the Tribute to Firefighters Bracebridge,
In the beginning of this ceremony, President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar, as host done the Guest of Honour, by giving all our Honourable Guests, Mayor G.Smith , MP. Scott Aitchison , Director Chamber of Commerce Bracebridge Brenda Rhonde and Firefighters Chief.

A Real life Heroes Tribute, Quik Goals give Tribute to Firefighters in Bracebridge on 25th,Nov,2020;


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, can proudly announce that we became member of Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce. Indeed it is great honour for us.


Quik Goals would like to thank The Family Salvation Thrive Store in Parrysound, as being President and Director it was my pleasure that i went there and met such a delightful, dignified people, especially the manager her self is a beautiful person! They have lovely and very positive environment around them.


Quik Goals also donating Groceries to The Food Bank as well, just in gratitude. Please contact us if you need us: 705-571-6256.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation , Today reached in Christmas Market Event in Carling, with Free Christmas Gifts Hampers, Also we have setup a winter Clothing setup on the request of the management, the event was take place in Carling Community Center. If you want us to participate please contact us:705-571-6256

Quik Goals Donate’s Free Groceries as Gifts Hampers. Ms.Farah Gulzar our president and Director honour’s the Event with her presence.


Quik Goals would felt really blessed when we came to know that, all those hard work and services that we have served to the small communities and villages in Northern Ontario, Today as being the president if i would say that we have been paid out, becaue after tagging poster on Quik Goals facebook page! A women contacted me from Bracebridge and asked for help she told she have 4 grandchildren all boys, 11,13,14 and 16 years old. She talked about that i saw on Facebook about Christmas Frer Gift Hampers, she was wondering if we could help her , After called our president and Director, she came to the team and said today we have achieved our Goal, as we all now that our Goals to that people start faithing on us. Today that lady came to our office and she received all the things what she text our president.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s president and Director do the honour today to donate the Christmas Free Gifts Hampers to Army’s Salvation Thrive store, Huntsville.ON.

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, felt honoured that we are able to give Free Christmas Gifts Hampers to Army Salvation Huntsville. Ms.Farah Gulzar our president and Director will do the honour, on Friday,6th.2020.


Quik Goals participating Carling Christmas Market, our President and Director will do the honour, please do come and join us amazing discounts, very low in prices as compared to regular markets, But NO Compromise on Quality., Yes! Quik Goals will display winter clothing for women, men and children. It is going to be covered big market, you could find anything you need for Christmas gifts, Ornaments almost everything you need! Please contact: 705-571-6256.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar attend to support the Emsdale Agricultural Society , Halloween for Hungers Festival, according to her she explains that it was wonderful experience for her to meet them and they been very welcoming as well. Quik Goals looking forward to do more projects with them in Future.


Quik Goals Christmas Free Festival, have started, right now we have gathered some new clothing, kitchen supplies and some gifts for children.


Quik Goals will be honoured to Help Emsdale Agricultural Soceity. On 31st, October.2020 by providing them Free Groceries.