Beating Covid 19

Quik Goals never waits for any help from government or from the local municipality of any village or town! Our job to serve people when they are in need. Thats what we have done in Village of BurksFalls. Quik Goals can proudly announce that, we are the only private foundation who is working in the village to help people and to make sure that no one will sleep with out food! It is our aim to beat the Covid-19 not with the by taking care humanity! We believe in humanity and we believe to protect them. Our president and Director Ms. Farah Gulzar, creates emergency free food supplies with free deliveries to making sure No One will sleep with out food in this village.

Especially for the Senior we want to provide them food by making sure that there self respect and dignity will remain same, the gave lifes to this country now it is our time to pay them back.
When all town lock down even employment center too, Quik Goals open up the way which make all villagers life easy!
Quik Goals just have start achieving there targets in this Village there so much coming up for these people the deserve way better they are living with right now! I farah gulzar as being president of foundation will make sure that we could been able to provide what they deserve and leave our marks proudly st this village of BurksFalls!

Quik Goals would like to thank Mr. Paul the owner of PL Fitness Center in sundridge, Honoured Ms.Farah Gulzar collaborated to help women who have depression and anxiety with the physical therapy!

Upcoming Events………..!

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