Fight Against Women Sexual and Physical Abuse:

No one Can Stand for You! If you Can not Stand for Your Self!

Honourable President and Director of Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation! Quik Goals always believes that violence against women can’t be acceptable. Enough!

Ms. Farah Gulzar!

Ms. Farah Gulzar is the Key note Speaker and giving motivational speech to sexually abused women!

Free Gym Memberships from Quik Goals;

Quik Goals always women not only helping women with mental health but also we believe those women need physical strength and health as well. This will help them to develop interest in them self good health means good healthy brain! We really thankful to the Mr. Paul PL Fitness Center Free memberships for whole years to our domestic violence and sexual abuse women! Quik Goals really Honoured and thankful to him!

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