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Quik Goals welfare, never stepped back no matter how hard and difficult the way is and will be. In the hard time due to Covid-19 we are standing with our nation not only in Canada but also help in pakistan as well. Our main focus is, Covid-19 Deep Cleaning!
Due to the current situation all over the world. We are working accordingly by the needing of the time and requirements!

lastest News:

28th, Sep,2020:

Quik Goals standing with our sisters, mothers and daughters. Who are suffering from Breast Cancer. They are facing such painful time of there life but they never giveup, and still fighting against this miserable moment of there life.On, Oct,5th 2020, Quik Goals organizing walk or run fight against Breast.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, First time Almaguin we have introduced Almaguin Youth Committee, to enhance there political, mental and social development.

22nd, Sep,2020:

Quik Goals have not stopped to appreciate our real life heroes, Yes! Our upcoming Tribute to out Real life Heroes are Almaguin Firefighters! Quik Goals not only giving them appreciation certificates but also giving them free groceries for there families. 

11th, Sep,2020: 

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, announcing upcoming Project.Quik Goals Winter Gala is here, we are going to provide free winter clothing only for women. All sizes will available. Churches and Shelter Homes are also welcome to contact for help: 

President Ms.Farah Gulzar

5th, Sep,2020:

Quik Goals is Proud of being a Ford Nation:

Honourable premier Ford and Graydon Smith the President of AMO and Mayor of Bracebridge, gathered to inspect newly introduced Breathable Medical – Grade Face Mask.

3rd, September,2020:

Quik Goals , making final announcement for those parents who have been forgot to get free school supplies for there children. We want to make sure, that no child left behind just because there parents can’t afford school supplies due to COVID-19. 


What an Honourable and heart touching moment for Quik Goals team, and we would like to thank Executive Director of Chamber of Commerce Bracebridge, keep us at the Top Recent News. Its really honourable for us.Resptecful Mayor Graydon Smith and his team.Quik Goals felt lucky to be a part of this huge Organization. 

27th, August.2020:

Quik Goals never left our community alone when they need help in any field we do understand due to COVID-19. Quik Goals offered Free Schools Supplies for those parents who can not afford right now due to COVID-19, we want to make sure no child left behind just because there parents can’t afford school supplies. 
we have introduced New Project with Name of ‘ Free School Supplies’.

Yes! Now Quik Goals going to provide free School Supplies for Children, families and parent’s are welcome to contact us.

23rd, August.2020:

Quik Goals have honour to serve Church of the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church, in BurksFalls Ontario. We have donated free groceries and also Cheque worth of a 100$-/ was presented from our President Ms.Farah Gulzar. We would like to thank Father and women wing president of this church who gave us opportunity to serve this church.

President Ms.Farah Gulzar


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, now can proudly announce as being honourable and legal member of ‘Chamber of Commerce Bracebridge.’ We would like to congrat Mayor Graydon Smith for becoming the President Of AMO President of 444 Municipalities of Ontario. 


Quik Goals have start hiring new Drivers who could help us to deliver free groceries in BurksFalls and in Huntsville Ontario. 15$-/ per hour. Please send you Resume at or feel free to contact: 705-571-625

14th, August.2020:

Quik Goals setup our second Free Groceries Table, near kiwi Mart, we would like to thank to Kiwi Mart owner , she gave her space for this noble cause.

Quik Goals First Almaguin Youth Committee members participating in our Free Groceries Table.

13th, July.2020:

Free Groceries Table will settle near Kiwi mart. Please do come and join us your presence will be appreciated.

12th, August.2020:

12th, August.2020:


Volunteers can earn money, by Grocery Shopping Program is Pre-Approved. Only Eligible students can earn $1000-$5000, through the Volunteer services in form of grant. Call : 705-571-6256

Volunteer student can contact us, from 10th ,August.2020 till 21st August,2020.


Free Groceries Tables will be Planted in different Areas in BurksFalls; 95 Ontario street;

Quik Goals Director of Finance and Distribution Head, M.Rehan Qadir, make an arrangement for ‘Free Groceries Table’ in different areas in Village of BurksFalls, once in a week. It is our honour that we are able to serve this nation in such difficult times and situation of Covid-19. Our mission to make sure No One Need To Sleep Without Food.


31st, July.2020:
Dog Rescued by Quik Goals:

President an Directors Ms.Farah Gulzar have spent the whole day in Huntsville Animal Hopital To Rescuer Dog, it have been informed us that Dog Is Throwing The Blood. Quik Gaols President and Director take immediate action and took that Dog to Vet, not only this she sacrificed her Eid Celebration as well to Rescue him. Quik Goals Paid all the Hospital Expenses as well.

PLEASE Don’t Throw DoGs 🐕 🐶🐶🐶 Out, When they Got Sick. Let Us Help You And Them.


Tribute To Real Life Heroes;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, honourly giving tribute to OPP detachment in BurksFalls due to there out standing and out courageous services.


We are proud Canadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦💐💐✌🏻

Quik Goals would like to thank City News to give us, honour to be the one, To make us indeed proud to being Canadian!🇨🇦


MP. Scott Aitchison, give appreciation certificate, to the President Ms. Farah Gulzar. Due to our outstanding and out courageous work during Covid-19.

June 4, 2020.

Quik Goals welfare, provides New printer, copy & scanner to the village of BurksFalls for school going children and the rest! Due to the Covid -19, employment centerand library are still closed. People facing difficulties for there routines work! So, we take the initiative and provide Free printing, copying & Scanning service to village of BurksFalls.

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