Recent Projects and News

22nd December,2022;

QuikGoal’s thankful for CEO Barbara Grantham of CARE , for her appreciation words, for our foundation’s for the betterment of women in our nationally and at international levels. Once again thank you so much its means allot for us! Happy holidays.

21st December,2022;

QuikGoal’s Free Christmas Tree project successfully ends. As we have donated this year free Christmas trees to Ukrainiens Refugees family. We felt really honoured that in some way we been able to make there Christmas joyful. Thank you for Canadian government especially honourable PM. Justin Trudeau who bring Ukrainiens families here in canada so they could live safer life.

16th December,2022;

QuikGoal’s would like to thank Honourable MP Yasir Naqvi, for sending our foundation’s best wishes for holidays and for new year! QuikGoal’s really honoured for his gratitude. 

9th December 2022;

QuikGoal’s donating free dog food available for pickup.

16th Novermber 2022;

World Book of Records London; Appreciation letter for Ms.Farah gulzar for her out standing and out courageous services for humanity. 

10th October 2022;

QuikGoal’s wishes all Happy Diwali 🪔🪔🪔.

QuikGoal’s wishes all the Canadian Happy Thanksgiving Day.

6th, October 2022;

Quik Goals’s Free Groceries available for Thanksgiving Day to make you and your love ones day great. Please feel free to contact us for free groceries and deliveries especially for seniors.

2nd, October2022;

Quik Goals giving away free dog food, please feel free to contact.

9th July 2022;

Quik Goals’s wishes all the Muslims Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak.

4th July,2022;

Quik Goal’s wishes Happy 4th of July to all Americans🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💐💐💐.

1st July,2022;

Quik Goals wishes Happy Canada Day💐💐💐🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦. Quik Goals celebrated Canada with RCMP🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

30th June,2022;

QuikGoals celebarating Almaguin Youth Community. Quik Goals started this project in June 2020, from last 2 years we are successfully running this project. Quik Goals youth committee project helps youth in mental health and wellbeing. as well social and educational services. 

28th June,2022;

QuikGoal’s always taking care your love ones. Every month Quik Goals giving away Free Dog Food to help our love ones. please you can find other free stuff on our facebook pages.

21st June 2022;

Quik Goal’s celebrating National Indigenous people Day in Muskoks Huntsville. please come and join us and others.

15th June 2022;

Quik Goals is giving Free Dog food to those families and individuals who needs help to feed there Dogs. please contact us. you and you Dog is not alone we are here to help.

30th May 2022;

Quik Goal’s low income Youth Improvment program 2022. 

15th May 2022;

Quik Goal’s Youth committee Homelessness project in progress with the help of our Canada Summer Jobs employees 2022.

5th May 2022;

QuikGoal’s offer job in Canada summer jobs 2022.

vacances are open for

1- Communications officer

2- Youth Worker

3- Accountant 

you can find all the details on Job Bank you can also apply by sending us direct email.

2nd May 2022;

Quik Goal’s Team like to wishes all muslims Eid Mubarak 2022. 

24th April 2022;

Quik Goals continue donating Old Brewery Mission in Montreal in Quebec, working for homless people. it is hono for us that we are able to provide free groceries. Easter 2022, QuikGoals also dropped donations as well. 

17th April 2022;

Quik Goals’s wishes everyone Happy Easter.please contact us if you and your family member need free groceries please feel free to contact us . you can text us with your details at:705-571-6256.

2nd April 2022;

Quik Goals wishes all the muslim communities all over the world Ramdan Kareem. In this especial Holy month Quik Goals giving away Free Halal Groceries with Free delivery as well.

please contact us: 705-571-6256 Text your details! 

18th March2022;

QuikGoal’s would like wishes Happy Holi all the Hindu Communities all over the world.

18th March 2022;

QuikGoal’s would like to wishes all the Muslim communities Shab-e-Barat Mubarak.

17th March 2022;

Quik Goals would like to wish all canadians Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

4th March 2022;

Quik Goals Free Groceries project is still in progress. if you and anyone you now need help in groceries please contact us:

24th February 2022;

Quik Goals standing against Bullying, by distributing Pink Shirts. Quik Goals believe government need to make serious law against bullying. Please join us contact us for free T-Shirts all sizes are available for pickup.

2nd February 2022;

Quik Goals is thankful to the Honorable PM.Justin for sending Hoildays best wishes.

18th January 2022;

Quik Goals women and child protection foundation ‘s Free Dog Food program.every month Quik Goals giving free dog food to deserving families so can take care there dogs as well. 

15th Januray 2022;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, would like to request all Canadians please wear a mask and keep your self and your family safe from Covid-19.

12th January 2022;

Due to the Provisional Emergency Declaration in Ontario , Quik Goals have been reduced working hours for the safety of our Team, But our helpline will be remain open 24/7, emergency groceries, with free deliveries as well.please contact us :705-571-6255text us with your need of groceries with your address.

25th Decemmber 2021;

QuikGoal’s Team would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas, may God bless you all with love, health and prosperity. 

24th December 2021;

QuikGoals free Groceries with free deliveries program is on going program . Quik goals helping more them 10,000 families, individuals , as well seniors in ON, and QC. 

23rd December 2021;

Quik Goals Labourers Free Meals program. This is on going program , where we been able to serve our labour communities who work really hard . Quik Goals appreciate there hardwork and determinations towards our country. 

22nd December 2021;

Free Christmas Groceries 2021. Quik Goals always feel responsible towards homless shelter homes not only in Ontario but as well in Quebec as well. In regards this year we feel blessed that we been able to donate to Ild Brewery Mission in Monreal. 

QuikGoals would like to thank the administration as well who are workinghard day and night for helping Homless people in Montreal. 

20th December 2021;

Quik Goals Free Christmas Tree program, we glad and indeed thankful to God that we been able to deliever another Free Christmas Tree to well deserving family in need.

13th , December 2021;

Christmas Free Grocries with free delivery, is available. Anyone can contact us on our website through our facebook pages and groups.

16th, December 2021;

Quik goals foundation, would like to introduce Wall of Kidness in Ontario, our foundation is looking forward walls ,that could be donate by the owners of the building, house, bank, shop etc. Please donate your wall for kindness so, people can able to hang there used or unused winter clothings for those who are in need.

8th December.2021;

QuikGoals have decided to distribute free Christmas Tree. in those families who can not afford this year. after all christmas in about lightening other families home. Please contact us if you or your family need christmas tree.

Free christmas tree  

25th November,2021;

QuikGoals would like to wish Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti all the Sikh communities all over the world.

23rd November,2021;

Quik Goals have started distributing Christmas Free Gifts Hampers 2021, today we have donated Free groceries in Ottawa, to Richmond Plaza which is a shelter home. Quik Goals would like to thank them they have accepted our Christmas Free Groceries for those families who are living there.

17th, November,2021;

QuikGoals is giving away free fresh fruits and Vegetables. please contact for pickup.


11th November,2021;

QuikGoals Lest We forget.

4th November,2021;

Quik Goals would like to wish all the Hindu a communities all over the world Happy Diwali.

31st October,2021;

QuikGoal’s team would like to wish all the canadians Happy Halloween.QuikGoals distributed free groceries in our formers families in Emsdale. 

Happy Halloween 2021


Free Bridal Gown have been gifted from Quik Goals women and child Protection Foundation. God bless her!

4th,October 2021;

Quik Goal ‘s still distributing Free Groceries, and helping our communities who are facing food scarcity! We have fresh eggs, can food , breakfast cereals , peanut butter, Biscuits, cookies and milk as well.For details please contact:

Quik Goal’s Admin

1st, October 2021;

QuikGoal’s always try to help our communities in different ways.In month of October 2021, QuikGoals ‘Wedding Celebration’ 

💐Free Bridal Gowns,💐 starting from 1st October,2021. Unique project only for Almaguin, Huntsville, Parrysound and Muskoka region.
Quik goals would like to celebrate you important day and want to make your day special giving you Free Bridal Gowns! All sizes are available.
For details contact at

24th September,2021;

Let’s support our local small Business in Almaguin.

Muskoka and parry sound advisory Council, have been taken placed on 24th , September 2021.QuikGoals president and Director Ms. Farah have joined and would like especially thank President MS.Steel for inviting me! Indeed it was honourable for her.QuikGoals step forward after having conversations,
QuikGoals small local businesses advertisements funds only for almaguin community.

QuikGoal’s would like to offer any three local Almaguin , BurksFalls, south river, sundridge. Worth of 300-/$. For each business you would be eligible to apply every individual who can able to total amount of 10% from their pocket, the 90% of 300-/$ QuikGoals will pay. Advertisements will be advertise only on almaguin newspapers!

Please feel free to contact:

17th September,2021:

QuikGoals have started distributing Halal Food boxes on each Friday in the Month. Today we are going to distribute free lunch boxes, boiled rice with lamb chops, on construction 🚧 site labours!

Please feel free to contact if you need free cooked food!
Thank you

7th September,2021;

Education is always our first prority . In 2020 we have provided student’s scholarships to The HUB in Huntsville Ontario. This year as well, Quikgoals offering 3 scholarships worth of 500-/$ each scholarship to those students who are facing financial issues due to the lockdown in ontario.Student can apply individually, by using our scholarship’s form available on our website.Last date for apply October 7th 2021.

6th September,2021;

QuikGoals always apreciate our hardworking and dedicating people in Canada. We would like to wish them Happy Labour Day to all. QuikGoals president and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar celebrated this day with workshop’s labourers in such hot weather. They have celebrated this day having free icecream treat from our foundation. 

1st September,2021;

QuikGoal’s giving away free stationaries. In our‘Back To School project 2021.’QuikGoals would like to welcome all out children back to school. 

Due to covid-19 as parent have faced financail crisis’s that why QuikGoals have decided to help those families and children who can not afford stationaries. Please contact us. QuikGoals always here to help our communities with open arms. 

22nd August,2021;

QuikGoals would like to congrats to all our participants for joining our Canada summer jobs 2021. QuikGoal is providing all our the participants completion certificates for appreciation. 


QuikGoal made a Donation to Esprit Place it is a shelter home for women in Parrysound. QuikGoal would like to thank that they have accepted our Donation.
Esprit Place have post us thank you card signed by those women who are currently living in shelter home. Once again QuikGoal whole team would like to thank them for appreciation.💐💐

16th August,2021;

QuikGoal have restarted our Free Groceries with Free deliveries after the lockdown. We would like to inform everyone we have received your unlimited calls. QuikGoal team honoured that people of Muskoka and Parrysound Trust us and calls for Help. Thank you so much for all the small villages around, southriver, BurksFalls, sundridge, carling even northbay as well. Please call us for help. 

14th August,2021;

QuikGoals teams proudly announced today that now we are currently working in province of Alberta in Calgary. QuikGoals right now Executing federal project Canada Summer Jobs 2021 and hired students from Alberta Calgary . Students are working in our foundation .Quik Goal have a commitment to work all across the Canada now with the blessing of God. We have reached so far three provinces of Canada which includes Ontario, Quebec and now Alberta. 

14th August,2021;

QuikGoals President and Director would like to wish all the Pakistani Canadians Happy independence Day.

Indeed, pakistan’s communities playing a very positive role in Canada 🇨🇦economy. 💐💐💐💐💐

13th August.2021;

British Columbia, QuikGoals take the initiative be the first non for profit foundation who offered services to the internal displaced people in British Columbia due to wildfire. Our President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar contacted the PM Justin and requested to get transportation.

July.27th, 2021;

QuikGoals POST PROMISE to prevent against Covid-19.


QuikGoals would like to wish all the muslims communities in canada Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak. 


QuikGoals Justice and Peace Free Legal Aid Advisory Program;

QuikGoals have introduced new program with the name of Justice and Peace Free Legal Aid Advisory Program, in this program you can take advise regarding your 
1- Basic Rights in Canada

2- Information about Federal’s offence 

3- criminal offence 

4- Disabled people legal Rights


Canada Summer Jobs 2021.

Please join Quik Goals especially, job opening for Muskoka, Parrysound and Almaguin regions only.

No experience required;

1- Chartered Accountant. (2 vacancies)
2-Supervisor, Social survey researcher.

1- Canadian citizen
2- PR
3- Refugees in Canada

4- International Students are not eligible.

Working hours:
1- part time
2- 15 hours per week

15$-/ per Hour.

Please feel free to send your resume at


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’ is standing Fight Against Cancer ♋️. Join Quik Goals walk or Run againt Cancer on 5th of June.2021.

La Fondation Quik Goals pour la protection des femmes et de l’enfant est debout Lutte contre le cancer ♋️. Rejoignez la marche Quik Goals ou la course contre le cancer le 5 juin 2021.


Bonjour, je suis le président et directeur de la fondation pour la protection des femmes et des enfants quik buts.
gratuitement Covid-19 Vaccination Ride appelez-nous et prenez rendez-vous!


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, Now offering Free Ride for Covid-19 Vaccine. Please feel free to contact us and book your appointment with Us. Muskoka , Parrysound and Almaguin regions.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation haven’t forgot those people who worked really hard to make sure we drive safe, keep our vehicles up to date and safer so we would drive safe.

Quik Goals Salute’s those workers thats why on Eid’s Day Quik Goals have spent her day with them and they all have ICE Cream Treats from Quik Goals in such Warmday. To bring smile on thete faces. Also thanks them for there outstanding services toward the society.


Quik GoalsTeam and President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar would like to wish all Muslims communities Eid Mubarak.


Quik Goals Team and President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar would like to wish All the Muslim Committee in entire world , especially in Canada Chaand Raat Mubarak.💐💐💐🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation Team would like to All the mother Happy Mother’s Day.


Quik Goals pour les femmes et la protection de l'enfance, travaille pour les sans-abri, les personnes âgées et toute personne ayant besoin d'aide pour faire des courses gratuites.
Siège social à Montréal:
(514) 604-5672


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, would like to share out experiences with everyone, we must say that it our foundation greatest achievement that just in short period of time the Quebec, Montreal people have accepted US.
Quik Goals receiving now individuals calls also families who are living in Montreal for Free Groceries. Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation would like to thank all the people of Quebec and Montreal for accepting us and having faith on us. Soon the Quebec contact number would be available on all of our websites and on Facebook pages as well. Which help all other who can’t dial outside Quebec with there phone carriers.Once again thank Quebec,Montreal people.
Please contact us, we here to help. Our goal is no one should sleep without food.

French Translation;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, aimerait partager ses expériences avec tout le monde, nous devons dire que c'est notre plus grande réussite de fondation que juste en peu de temps les Quik Goals ont été acceptés par les Quik Goals.

Quik Goals recevant maintenant des particuliers appelle aussi les familles qui vivent à Montréal pour l'épicerie gratuite. La Fondation Quik Goals pour la protection des femmes et de l'enfance tient à remercier tous les Québécois et Montréalais de nous avoir acceptés et de nous avoir fait confiance. Bientôt, le numéro de téléphone du Québec sera disponible sur tous nos sites Web ainsi que sur les pages Facebook. Ce qui aide tous les autres qui ne peuvent pas appeler à l’extérieur du Québec avec leurs opérateurs de téléphonie.

Merci encore une fois aux Québécois et aux Montréalais.
Veuillez nous contacter, nous sommes là pour vous aider. Notre objectif est que personne ne dorme sans nourriture!


Quik Goals a l'honneur de servir avec l'aide de (Mission Old Brewery) à Montréal Epiceries gratuites aujourd'hui pour les sans-abri.
La présidente et directrice de Quik Goals, Mme Farah Gulzar, fait l'honneur qu'elle est très heureuse de l'équipe administrative de cette organisation caritative, selon elle, ce sont tous des gens très gentils et serviables, elle a également mentionné d'aller les aider de temps en temps.
Quik Goals tient à remercier l'équipe d'Old Brewery pour l'accueil chaleureux de notre président.

Quik Goals have honour to serve with the help of (Mission Old Brewery) in Montreal Free Groceries today for Homeless people.
Quik Goals president and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar do the honour she is very much happy with the administration team of this charity, according to her they all are very nice and helpful people, she also mentioned to go and help those time by time.
Quik Goals would like to thank Old Brewery team for the warm welcoming to our president.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, is now operating there services in Quebec, Montreal. Please conatct us if you need any immediate help for food, clothing.


Quik Goals President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar have distributed 15 Free Halal Groceries Bags to the Nigerian Muslims Families on 16th of April,2021, in month of Ramazan Kareem North York. It was pleasure meeting the president of there community Mr.Abdul Aslam.

Quik Goals donate 15 bag which includes
1- cooking oil
2- Rice
3- macronis
4- Dates
5- cake mixture.

If you think you and your community need during month of Ramazan Quik Goals is here to help you and your family please.

Ontario Muskoka parrysound Regional office: 705-571-6256


All the Muslims communities in Canada Ramazan-ul-Kareem. This Ramazan QuikGoals bringing Free Halal Groceries for at least for 100 families in Northyork,Montreal, Ottawa.

April, 9th.2021;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation Team would like to wish all the Canadian Happy Easter 🐣. Please stay safe stay home.


Quik Goals’s President and Director have attended the International women Gala, Indo Art and cultural initiatives Organization on zoom with founder Leader Moshki Virk’s as Quik Goals have sponsored the especial appreciation gifts for Dancers. This was the 7th Annual Gala 2021.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar and her Team being honoured to became a member of The Chamber of Commerce Metropolitan Montreal.

Quik Goals have registered in Province ‘ of Quebec as Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation is Federal registered foundation.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’ celebrating 7th Annual Global Women Gala 2021, Quik Gola’s would like to thank Founder Director Moskshi to give us the opportunity to sponsor the appreciation gifts for the women.
The event take place through zoom on 20th, March.2021.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar. Today she want to make an announcement for our Muslims communities in Canada, especially for Ramazan-ul-Kareem Free Groceries package which is starting 13th of April,2021. Ramazan Free Groceries Packages would be delivered these areas as accordingly,
1- Brampton
2- Missisauga
3- Ottawa
4- Montreal

5- NorthYork


Quik Goals going to celebrating The International Women day with Indo Canadian Arts and Culture initiatives, on 20th of march 2021, there would be virtual festival, where A Group of Ladies Dancers would perform as well.

Quik Goals’s President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar contacted with the organization head Miss. Mohksi to give the “Appreciation Gifts to the Women Dancers” who are performing cultural dancer during this virtual event.
President believe’s these women need to appreciated , due to covid-19 when everone is under huge stress and depression they going entertain the Canadian. Thats why President went by her self to Brampton to dropped off Appreciation Gifts bags for them.


Quik Goals Free Groceries have starting providing free groceries for pickup curbs side. Please contact on our Facebook page and Quik Goals welfare donation store.


Quik Goals ‘Weekend New Clothing Free Splash’. Quik Goals giving free bew fancy dresses please contact to pickup.

Brand new winter jacket for kid size 10/12 free to please contact to pickup.


Today Quik Goals have distributed, Free Groceries to 6 families as well. Amy’s family, Jamie family, Michael family, judi family, Louis family and danies family.


Quik Goals ready to deliveries in Huntsville Ontario. Which includes, rice, eggs, sugar, chicken, macronis, canned food, toiletries…etc. Please contact if you need help


Quik Goals giving away Free Dog’s Treats, please note one treat for one person only. Please contact for free curbs pickup. Quik Goals Admin.


Helllo, Quik Goals’s Received, Donations Grils clothing, the clothing must be 9- 12 years old girls. Quik Goals wash these clothes and after that they will ready for pickup, we have sweater. Winter socks, summer socks, tie shirts, thighs…. etc. Ready to pickup from Tuesday, Please contact for free pickup.

Quik Goals


Quik Goals honoured to serve a family in NOVAR Ontario, our president and Director Ms. Farah Gulzar, done the Free Groceries With Free Deliveries On Saturday. Please contact if you need our help.

Thank you
Quik Goals
Distribution Head.


Quik Goals team have prepared the free groceries boxes for free deliveries as well. Please contact us if you need our help our distribution team work 24/7 for free deliveries!


Quik Goals also giving away free Mouse Killer, please contact our emergency helpline.


Quik Goals giving away Free Shampoos, hair conditioners, shaving cream, body lotions, face creams, toothpastes, tooth brushes…. etc, please contact our emergency line.


Quik Goals giving away free Emergency life saving Kits.

Feb,8th, 2021;

Quik Goals always stand with all the Canadian communities. To make sure that, no one suffer and sleep without food. Especially, during when we have pandemic situation in our country. To keeping this in mind Quik Goals, starting our free groceries campaign 2021, it is available for everyone to pickup, quik goals is not doing deliveries at this to keep the lockdown. All the communities members are more then welcome to curbs pickup for free groceries.

You can pick at crub sides, Eggs, chickens, all kind off preserves food.butters, breads, rice, macronis…etc.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s , free winter clothing gala is here, for all sizes and all age of groups.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’ honourably announced that we have launched our printing company with the name of

Haroon Printing Company.

The inauguration will take place on 2nd,Feb.2021.
Quik Goals offer 50% Grant Discount for Local Small Businesses and also for New Enterpreneurs!

Now! Quik Goals open our doors of success of our printing company for our local business. People insist and want to now where Quik Goals designed there flyers, banners, official accessories, business cards, this is the answer. Now our printing and publishing company is here to help you. Quik Goals hope’s that the way our communities help us and trust us, will trust on our printing company!


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, providing free Copying, Scanning and Printing campaigns 2021. Due the employment centres have been closed, people are in trouble because they don’t now where to go, we are here to help.


Quik Goals have introduced Almaguin First Youth Commitee last Year in 2020. Quik Goals have developed a new Project which could help age limit of 18-25 years. 5 people can apply for this

‘ Youth Business Management Certificates 2021’.

(Youth Business Training Scholarship available still 31st,March.2021.)

Yes! Quik Goals have offering not any of Canadian educational institution, Quik Goals’ have chose International Business Management 

The Certificates we are offering,before offering these certificates our President and Director want make sure that these are the right certificates for our Youth. After she assured, now Quik Goals proudly offering three free certificates for five people with age limit 18-25. 

1- Leadership and team development.

2- Project Management 

3- International Business

Quik Goals will pay and you will get qualified from International educational institution.

Please visit our website, fill the Scholarship form and mention one of the Training. This Youth Business Training is open till 30th, March.2021.

Jan, 15th.2021;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’ have announced ‘Student Scholarships 2021’. Quik goals offer 3 scholarships workth of 500$ each scholarships.

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation. It is honoured for us that Bracebridge Chambers of Commerce, our President and Director Ms. Farah Gulzar have been Nominated as Chambers Director. Quik Goals’s president and Director have attend virtual meeting 68th Annual Meeting, on 14th, Jan Thursday 2021. 

Quik Goals would like to thanks all the members especially President Richard, Director Brenda Rhode and Marny as well. 


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’ would like to make important announcement due the Covid-19. Quik Goals have to minimize there outdoor activities.As premier Ford declared provincial emergency in Ontario and lockdown reason of massive increase of covid-19 mumbers. 
Quik Goals have reduce there working hours for the safety of the foundation team as well. 
On the other hand our 24/7 helpline:

705-571-6256, will remain open you can always call us , free groceries free untouched deliveries, winter clothing as well. 


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s team would like to wish All Canadian A Happy New Year.

Quik Goals giving Away New Free New Year Gifts as well. Black+ Decker Coffee Maker, Lamp also Free Tea Set and It’s All FREE .Please Contact; 705-571-6256

🎉QuikGoals believes Gifts are great part of celebration 🎉 


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’ team wishes All the Canadian Merry Christmas.🎄🎅🎅🎄🎄


Quik Goals’ President and Director being honoured that, she have received Greet Holidays Card from PM Justin Trudeau to wish her and her foundation team to wish greeting. 

Quik Goals would like to thank honourable PM Justin Trudeau and his family for there greetings. 


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director have honoured that Almaguin highland Chambers of Commerce, have Nominated her name joining them as Ryerson Volunteer Director. 
Quik Goals would like to thank and been honoured, for the gratitude and humbleness for the Voice president Jennifer.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director have honoured that Almaguin highland Chambers of Commerce, have Nominated her name joining them as Ryerson Volunteer Director. 
Quik Goals would like to thank and been honoured, for the gratitude and humbleness for the Voice president Jennifer.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, gave the Tribute to food Bank Volunteers. Our President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar do the honour. 

Quik also gave Free Groceries to the Firefighters Almaguin due the reason they were gathering food for Almaguin food banks. 


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, 25th of November.2020 at 4:pm, in Bracebridge office we conducted A Real Life Heros project and give the Tribute to Firefighters Bracebridge,
In the beginning of this ceremony, President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar, as host done the Guest of Honour, by giving all our Honourable Guests, Mayor G.Smith , MP. Scott Aitchison , Director Chamber of Commerce Bracebridge Brenda Rhonde and Firefighters Chief.

A Real life Heroes Tribute, Quik Goals give Tribute to Firefighters in Bracebridge on 25th,Nov,2020;


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, can proudly announce that we became member of Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce. Indeed it is great honour for us. 


Quik Goals would like to thank The Family Salvation Thrive Store in Parrysound, as being President and Director it was my pleasure that i went there and met such a delightful, dignified people, especially the manager her self is a beautiful person! They have lovely and very positive environment around them.


Quik Goals also donating Groceries to The Food Bank as well, just in gratitude. Please contact us if you need us: 705-571-6256.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation , Today reached in Christmas Market Event in Carling, with Free Christmas Gifts Hampers, Also we have setup a winter Clothing setup on the request of the management, the event was take place in Carling Community Center. If you want us to participate please contact us:705-571-6256

Quik Goals Donate’s Free Groceries as Gifts Hampers. Ms.Farah Gulzar our president and Director honour’s the Event with her presence.


Quik Goals would felt really blessed when we came to know that, all those hard work and services that we have served to the small communities and villages in Northern Ontario, Today as being the president if i would say that we have been paid out, becaue after tagging poster on Quik Goals facebook page! A women contacted me from Bracebridge and asked for help she told she have 4 grandchildren all boys, 11,13,14 and 16 years old. She talked about that i saw on Facebook about Christmas Frer Gift Hampers, she was wondering if we could help her , After called our president and Director, she came to the team and said today we have achieved our Goal, as we all now that our Goals to that people start faithing on us. Today that lady came to our office and she received all the things what she text our president. 


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s president and Director do the honour today to donate the Christmas Free Gifts Hampers to Army’s Salvation Thrive store, Huntsville.ON.

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, felt honoured that we are able to give Free Christmas Gifts Hampers to Army Salvation Huntsville. Ms.Farah Gulzar our president and Director will do the honour, on Friday,6th.2020.


Quik Goals participating Carling Christmas Market, our President and Director will do the honour, please do come and join us amazing discounts, very low in prices as compared to regular markets, But NO Compromise on Quality., Yes! Quik Goals will display winter clothing for women, men and children. It is going to be covered big market, you could find anything you need for Christmas gifts, Ornaments almost everything you need! Please contact: 705-571-6256.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation’s President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar attend to support the Emsdale Agricultural Society , Halloween for Hungers Festival, according to her she explains that it was wonderful experience for her to meet them and they been very welcoming as well. Quik Goals looking forward to do more projects with them in Future.


Quik Goals Christmas Free Festival, have started, right now we have gathered some new clothing, kitchen supplies and some gifts for children.


Quik Goals will be honoured to Help Emsdale Agricultural Soceity. On 31st, October.2020 by providing them Free Groceries.

Oct,21st 2020;

Quik Goals Ms.Farah Gulzar personally went with the donations to drop to the Army Salvation Thrive Store in Huntsville, at 3:pm.

Quik Goals teams really grateful the women who are working for the store. I would like to thanks them to help the our President and Director Ms.Farah Gulzar greet her really nicely.

Oct,20th 2020,

Quik Goals have setup Winter Free Winter Clothing Gala 2020. We are thankful for the community support, that they have come and get what they need. We hope that we will able to help them during this hard time.Quik Goals always stands with the community and humanity nothing could stop us to serve our nation, as being proud Canadian this our responsibility and our leaders are very determin to work for the betterment of human being.

Oct,19th 2020,

Quik Goals Winter Gala Free winter Clothing have been setup.

Oct,19th 2020;

Quik Goals Christmas Festival Free Christmas Gifts 2020, Yes! During these pandemic we now many families suffering from lack of money and many people have been laid out from job. They are very disappointed, Quik Goals would never disappoint we here to help you especially your children to make there Christmas 🎄. To make this festival happen we need your help in form of donations, you can donate by e-transfer:

🎄Quik Goals Christmas Free Festival🎄

Oct,16th 2020;

Quik Goals Winter Gala Free Winter Clothing next setup will be on 19th Monday-20th Tuesday Oct,2020,11-am to 6:pm. Please do come your presence will be appreciated, Thank you.


Quik Goals Winter Gala free winter clothing 2020.Due to weather reason we are sorry to announce that we are not setup for Winter Gala.


Quik Goals Winter Gala 2020, today we have not only displayed winter women, men and children., but also some kitchen supplies as well.

Oct,13th 2020;

QuikGoals Winter Gala 2020, Free winter clothing for women, men and Children.

Quik Goals Winter Gala 2020, would giving Free clothing whole month of October, 2020.

Oct,9th 2020;

Quik Goals would never leave you behind in your family celebration, we want to make sure that every family, individual and our seniors celebrate ‘Thanksgiving Day’, to keep this in mind. Quik Goals have announced ‘Thanksgiving Day Free Treats’ yes! Now you have a free Groceries inform of gift from Quikgoals entire team.
Free groceries Table will have Milk, eggs, macroni, rice, sugar, coffee not only that but also beautiful Free dinner dishes, bowls, etc

🥮Quik Goals Thanksgiving Free Treats🧁

Oct,5th 2020;

As Quik Goals women and Child Protection Foundation, was committed to have a walk to stand with our sisters, mothers and daughters who are fighting against Breast Cancer right now! Quik Goals organized This event Just to tell them that they are not alone in there sufferings and pain we are all with them. Quik Goals proud our female community in BurksFalls the way they have been gathered , even after there all busy schedule. We really thankful to them from bottom of our hearts. We would also like to thanks our Almaguin Youth Committee members who could make it today after attending there schools and play there important role as well.

♋️ Walk Against Breast Cancer♋️


Quik Goals , have made the announcement for Walk/Run, Fighting Against Breast ♋️, On 5th October,2020 BurksFalls, at 3:pm.

Notice: wearing Mask and distancing will mandatory, for every individual.

Quik Goals welfare, never stepped back no matter how hard and difficult the way is and will be. In the hard time due to Covid-19 we are standing with our nation not only in Canada but also help in Pakistan as well. Our main focus is, Covid-19 Deep Cleaning!
Due to the current situation all over the world. We are working accordingly by the needing of the time and requirements!

lastest News:

28th, Sep,2020:

Quik Goals standing with our sisters, mothers and daughters. Who are suffering from Breast Cancer. They are facing such painful time of there life but they never giveup, and still fighting against this miserable moment of there life.On, Oct,5th 2020, Quik Goals organizing walk or run fight against Breast.


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, First time Almaguin we have introduced Almaguin Youth Committee, to enhance there political, mental and social development.

22nd, Sep,2020:

Quik Goals have not stopped to appreciate our real life heroes, Yes! Our upcoming Tribute to out Real life Heroes are Almaguin Firefighters! Quik Goals not only giving them appreciation certificates but also giving them free groceries for there families. 

11th, Sep,2020: 

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, announcing upcoming Project.Quik Goals Winter Gala is here, we are going to provide free winter clothing only for women. All sizes will available. Churches and Shelter Homes are also welcome to contact for help: 

President Ms.Farah Gulzar

5th, Sep,2020:

Quik Goals is Proud of being a Ford Nation:

Honourable premier Ford and Graydon Smith the President of AMO and Mayor of Bracebridge, gathered to inspect newly introduced Breathable Medical – Grade Face Mask.

3rd, September,2020:

Quik Goals , making final announcement for those parents who have been forgot to get free school supplies for there children. We want to make sure, that no child left behind just because there parents can’t afford school supplies due to COVID-19. 


What an Honourable and heart touching moment for Quik Goals team, and we would like to thank Executive Director of Chamber of Commerce Bracebridge, keep us at the Top Recent News. Its really honourable for us.Resptecful Mayor Graydon Smith and his team.Quik Goals felt lucky to be a part of this huge Organization. 

27th, August.2020:

Quik Goals never left our community alone when they need help in any field we do understand due to COVID-19. Quik Goals offered Free Schools Supplies.

23rd, August.2020:

Quik Goals have honour to serve Church of the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church, in BurksFalls Ontario. We have donated free groceries and also Cheque worth of a 100$-/ was presented from our President Ms.Farah Gulzar. We would like to thank Father and women wing president of this church who gave us opportunity to serve this church.

President Ms.Farah Gulzar


Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, now can proudly announce as being honourable and legal member of ‘Chamber of Commerce Bracebridge.’ We would like to congrat Mayor Graydon Smith for becoming the President Of AMO President of 444 Municipalities of Ontario. 


Quik Goals have start hiring new Drivers who could help us to deliver free groceries in BurksFalls and in Huntsville Ontario. 15$-/ per hour. Please send you Resume at or feel free to contact: 705-571-625

14th, August.2020:

Quik Goals setup our second Free Groceries Table, near kiwi Mart, we would like to thank to Kiwi Mart owner , she gave her space for this noble cause.

Quik Goals First Almaguin Youth Committee members participating in our Free Groceries Table.

13th, July.2020:

Free Groceries Table will settle near Kiwi mart. Please do come and join us your presence will be appreciated.

12th, August.2020:

12th, August.2020:


Volunteers can earn money, by Grocery Shopping Program is Pre-Approved. Only Eligible students can earn $1000-$5000, through the Volunteer services in form of grant. Call : 705-571-6256

Volunteer student can contact us, from 10th ,August.2020 till 21st August,2020.


Free Groceries Tables will be Planted in different Areas in BurksFalls; 95 Ontario street;

Quik Goals Director of Finance and Distribution Head, M.Rehan Qadir, make an arrangement for ‘Free Groceries Table’ in different areas in Village of BurksFalls, once in a week. It is our honour that we are able to serve this nation in such difficult times and situation of Covid-19. Our mission to make sure No One Need To Sleep Without Food.


31st, July.2020:
Dog Rescued by Quik Goals:

President an Directors Ms.Farah Gulzar have spent the whole day in Huntsville Animal Hopital To Rescuer Dog, it have been informed us that Dog Is Throwing The Blood. Quik Gaols President and Director take immediate action and took that Dog to Vet, not only this she sacrificed her Eid Celebration as well to Rescue him. Quik Goals Paid all the Hospital Expenses as well.

PLEASE Don’t Throw DoGs 🐕 🐶🐶🐶 Out, When they Got Sick. Let Us Help You And Them.


Tribute To Real Life Heroes;

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation, honourly giving tribute to OPP detachment in BurksFalls due to there out standing and out courageous services.


We are proud Canadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦💐💐✌🏻

Quik Goals would like to thank City News to give us, honour to be the one, To make us indeed proud to being Canadian!🇨🇦


MP. Scott Aitchison, give appreciation certificate, to the President Ms. Farah Gulzar. Due to our outstanding and out courageous work during Covid-19.

June 4, 2020.

Quik Goals welfare, provides New printer, copy & scanner to the village of BurksFalls for school going children and the rest! Due to the Covid -19, employment centerand library are still closed. People facing difficulties for there routines work! So, we take the initiative and provide Free printing, copying & Scanning service to village of BurksFalls.


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