Giving Scholarships

Give Scholarship

Your gift will help equip children in need with necessary resources, training and education while offering the promise of a brighter future. You can make a difference today by signing up. If you believe that you can qualify for the scholarships for 2020. You can contact us.
The scholarships will help you to get school supplies, currently Quik Gaols offering Three (03) Scholarships for there different schools in Muskoka and Almaguin.

Please Download Application Form and Submit via Email :

Note : Scholarships are being awarded to Merit Based and Need Based Students.


Quik Goals Honoured to announced Scholarship for the student during the Covid-19, with the help of The Hub of Muskoka to ‘The Student Study Centre’. Quik Goals always wants to help children especially in educational sector, making internet access availability to approach their educational programs and activities during Covid-19.

Quik Goals Women and Child Protection Foundation. Give scholarship to The students study Centre in Huntsville online educational programs and activities. It is our pleasure that we been able to serve our Generation!

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