Free Food Supplies for seniors housing with Free Deliveries:

Quik Goals never waits for Any government or local help. Our mission to facilitate the people in any circumstances! Especially, when its about there life. Quik Goals tool initiative in Village of BurksFalls, to supply free food and also we bring the food at there door steps! Yes! We proudly announced that we are the only private Foundation that working for the betterment for the community, in Burksfalls Village.

  • Helping not only in Senior Housing in BurksFalls. Also all the village of BurksFalls, where the seniors need help.
COVID-19 Helping Seniors reaching out with Food at there door steps! With all the respect and dignity they deserve!

Food who saved not just save there life but also there self respect and dignity! That they have been earn there entire life. Thats why we chose them and took the food at there door step.

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